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Championship Season is Here

Championship Season Is Here!

We are nearing the end of our short course season and the championship meets are upon us. Time is running short. However it’s not too late to jump start your focus, training and preparation for your championship meet! There is still time to improve. But you must take on a heightened sense of urgency. Here are a few tips:

1. Connect Your Training With Meet Performance
One of the big challenges of training is that it is hard to see how training well is likely to pay off. The effects of good preparation are cumulative, gradual, collective, delayed and uncertain. There isn’t a one to one correlation between any training activity and success, or its contribution to success. Each thing you do in training interacts with other things you do, or don’t do, to have some delayed effect on any ever-growing, ever changing state of preparation.

Your training is collectively made up of the individual drills, sets and practices that you do. Missing a set or not executing a particular drill with focus doesn’t seem to matter. Excelling once in awhile in a particular set or practice doesn’t seem to matter. But with each drill, set or practice you miss or excel at, you exact a small, ever-growing effect on the collective effect of your preparation. One drill, set or practice hardly matters in the scheme of your swimming career, but your preparation, which is made up solely from the cumulative effects of the entire collection of those seemingly insignificant, individual training performances, makes all the difference. Each individual drill set and practice count about as much as every other one.
Furthermore, the effect of backing off of a tough set, getting sloppy on one set, or even missing one practice may not be large, but one leads to two and two leads to twelve. The habits you build are quite significant. Understand that the little things count. Consistency matters!

2. Don’t Be Deceived By Feel
As swimmers race during crunch time or even during The Championship, they tend to rely too much on how they feel. Ask swimmers on how they think they will do and more than likely they will respond by telling you how they feel. (“tired,” “sore,” “energized,” “excited,” “fast,” etc.)
You don’t have to feel well, feel strong or feel good to swim fast. You merely have to swim fast to swim fast. If you think about it, you will probably recall that although you swam some of your best performances when you felt great, you swam others when you felt crummy and you swam some of your poorer swims when you felt great.
Don’t limit how fast you swim by doubting your capacity at given moments based on some subtle feelings you decided were indicative of what you do or do not have that day. Feelings are often deceptive.
I’ve said many times to my athletes, “we are involved in competitive swimming, not competitive feeling!”

3. Fast Is Fun!

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